Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beefy Rice w/ Mushrooms by Alex

Ok so this is a meal in my house...My husband loves it and it is probably one of the only times you will see my 2 year old eat meat! I like to consider this kind of a "goulosh" It's super easy and pretty yummy! But best of all it requires 3 ingredients!

So easy might I add, I forgot to take pics of those 3 ingredients! lol

1 lb of ground beef or turkey
1 bag of boil in bag white rice
1 can of cream of mushroom

Boil your rice as directed on the box and set aside when done

Brown your meat and add whatever seasoning you normally do. (I typically do s dash of garlic powder salt and cumin)

Once your meat is done, drain any grease, add the cooked bag of rice and the can of cream of mushroom. warm it all together until the cream of mushroom isn't so thick and viola! Easy peasy dinner! Hope you enjoy!

*I've never made sides with this, we usually just eat it with a slice of bread or dinner rolls.

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