Friday, June 17, 2011

Becky's Surprise Burgers by Alex

Okay if you're like my husband you say, "What the heck are Surprise Burgers" and my reply will be, only the most delicious burger ever!! lol I was introduced to them when I was probably about yea about 11 years ago!

My first thought of seeing a surprise burger was, YUCK, they serve those things in the lunch room at school and bleh! they were sauggie and just gross! I went to my good friend Heather's house and her mom was making dinner...eventually I asked her mom what was for dinner and she said surprise burgers. Oh goodness, I'm pretty sure as a dumb 16 year old I said yuck I'm not eating that, but I can remember Becky and Heather telling me to just try them that I would like them. So I did and they were amazing!

After High School, I craved them about a million times and then again during my pregnancy!! I haven't eaten them in years!! Finally Becky gave me her recipe and of course now I am sharing it with you!! (With Becky's approval)

1 lb of Beef
1 Can of cream of mushroom
Mozzarella to your liking (I ran out of shredded cheese w the Green Chicken Enchiladas so I used 4 cheese sticks cup up)
1 egg
"soft butter"
1 box of Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix

Make the Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix according to the box.

While they are rising you will brown your pound of beef, drain the oil out then add in your mozzarella and can of cream of mushroom and just mix it well and let the cheese melt.(sorry I thought I took a pic of what the meat looked like)
After the rolls rise, put them on a floured counter top and roll them out like tortillas:

Then you put a spoonful of your meat mixture and then fold over the sides of the dough. I folded it like a a burrito. Then you place it on a cookie sheet, seem side down. Repeat until you use all the meat.
Bake them according to how the Hot Roll Box says, I believe it was at 375 for 20 minutes. When you pull them out they look so yummy!!

I served mine with tator tots and here is the final product:

They were just as delicious as I remember them 11 years earlier!! And now that I know how to make them I am sure I will be making them at least once a month!! Thanks Becky for your amazing recipe!!

**I can easily see this being made with turkey meat or w vegetarian meat crumbles!!**


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm so going to try this out :)

  2. My husband has also craved these a million times! Thanks for sharing! I'm making these tonight! (: